Trainer: Chimdo Anchala

Deputy Country Director

Mr. Chimdo Anchala is an agricultural research and extensionstby profession. He earned his post-graduate degree from Wagningen University, in Agricultural knowledge Management and Social Change. He has more than 25 years of experience in the agriculture sector as a researcher, extension and national and international agricultural program coordinator. He embarked his career in the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research where he worked for more than 16 years with key responsibilities and progressive leadership roles.Chimdo spearheaded Framers Research Group (FRG) and Framers Research and Extension Groups (FREGs) concepts and Community Based Informal Seed Systems thatare currently embedded in the national extension system. He also successfully led a multimillion World Bank, UNDP, FAO and CIDA partnered projects like Rural Capacity Building Project and Eastern African Agricultural Productivity Projects.

While working for Oxfam America, Chimdo successfully directed the ‘Strengthening of Ethiopian Agricultural Extension System and ‘Improving Smallholder Agricultural Productivity, BMGF and AGRA funded national projects, respectively, for four years.He is currently a core member of high level taskforces for capacity building and developing national strategies for agricultural extension system. In 2014, he Joined DG Foundation as Deputy Country Director- Ethiopia office. Since 2014, Chimdo is also serving as a president for the Ethiopian Society of Rural Development and Ag Extension. Chimdo is a married with a father of three lovely and bright sons and a daughter.