Nestor Ngouambe

Agroeconomist, social media coordinator

I am NGOUAMBE Nestor, Agroeconomist, founder of Camerooun Youth
Initiative for Rural Development and coordinator of Agriculture, ICT
and Development Program.
Sine 2008 I am fully involved with participatory extension approaches
including agricultural Advisory services. Promoting the usage of ICT
in agriculture is one of my passion since 2011. “Nowaday all
extensionists have to deal with ICT to easier help farmers
livelihooods”. Currently I am the one facilitating the establishment
process of Cameroon Forum for Agricultural Advisory services (CAMFAAS)
also serve as Focal person for AFAAS in Cameroom.

During this Plug and Play Insight, I will share with you how social
media and web2.0 tools are helfull for extension and Advisory services
providers in rural areas.