Rural eMarket


Rural eMarket is a Market Information system. It is web based and can be used on any device. It also has an SMS functionality. It targets the small holder farmers in remote areas with very low bandwidth. It provides information such as price, product availability in different geographical areas to help farmers take decisions. The platform is multi lingual and currently being supported by donor funds. In near future, farmers will have to pay an annual fee, probably through farmer cooperative. It is currently at the scaling stage of deployment.

Secondly, Integrated Agricultural Productivity Information System (ISAP) is a web based complex system that can be used on any device. ISAP is an invitation to folks involved or willing to be involved in farming to start from where they are. It targets particularly the youth. The application offers different entry points – plants/crop production, agronomic advises/tips, nutritional info, market information. It is also multi lingual, multi-purpose, integrates many interrelated aspects of agriculture-economic-health dimensions and accessible on any platform. It is self-funded project resulting from wide demand study. Expectation for quick ROI and will probably be used as a paid on annual basis service. It is currently under development and at pilot phase.