Rice Advice


RiceAdvice is a bilingual Android App for improving livelihoods of rice farmers in Africa. It aims at guiding farmers in increasing their rice production level based on local conditions. Depending on the location, environmental conditions, rotation, cropping practices, expected sowing date, available on-farm nutrients, desired yield increase, costs of fertilizer and expected rice market price, a farmer can maximize yield and or profit. Furthermore a farmer gets a plot based fertilizer application plan and a short list of good agricultural practices. RiceAdvice is primarily designed for smartphones and tablets.

The App can  be used in the field in off-line mode. From time to time, an internet connection is advisable to synchronize data with the central database server. It is based on solid amount of datasets and calculations. It can be used in the field in off-line mode.The App will for the time being provided free of charge (donors funding). There may be a point where we have to think about additional revenue generation. The deployment stage is that the App is ready for public release. We will continue with adding additional functionalities and release updates.

Innovator: http://www.ict4ras.org/speaker/innovator-dr-kazuki-saito/

Url: http://www.riceadvice.info