mFarms is a comprehensive web and mobile based communication and management platform for agribusinesses. Geo-referenced value chain actors are linked, they communicate with each other and track transactions of goods and services among themselves, extension agents provide progress reports using android phone, farmers receive agricultural tips and extension information on their simple mobile phone via SMS or IVR (voice messages). mFarms for the management and monitoring of subsidized agro-input fits into the second event. It enables government to track in real time the distribution of subsidized fertilizers and seeds and identify trouble spot while ensuring the allocated budget and quota are adhered to by importers. Agro-dealers are able to track their stock, purchases, return products, supply in real-time.

Through mFarms, combined solutions are used to make extension services more effective and efficient: extension agents, direct information to farmers and FBO via SMS and voice message; farmers have access to sustainable structured markets even before harvest, subsidized agro-input distribution and monitoring is made efficient and effective. Aggregators and processing companies often are unable to manage the production activities from all the farmers supplying them raw materials. With mfarms for subsidy programm, all stakeholders from importers down to farmers are georeferenced in a centralized database, quota are tracked, distribution is monitored in realtime, stock, sales, supply level are accessible in realtime for government and each agro-dealer has access to its own transactions. mFarms generates revenue through annual subscription, customization, training, credits for SMS and IVR messages pushed. While agro-dealers are charged in Ghana, Rwanda agro-dealers are yet to start paying. The cost is currently covered by donors.