M-shamba is a platform that provides reliable agronomic information to the farmers, connects the farmers to service providers and market opportunities in their location. M-shamba also has a platform for farmer group organizations/associations/co-operatives, NGO’s and enterprises working farmers where they can easily manage the farmers and farming activities.  The channel for service delivery is mobile and web. The format of content delivery is text, voice, app and video. M-shamba is addressing the challenges of information flow from the research institutions to the smallholder farmers and also the problem of market access to the smallholder farmers. Challenges of inadequate extension workers is also effectively being addressed by M-shamba.


The platform provides a robust extension tool that organizations use to interact and provide services to the farmers on real time. Farmers, organizations,VAS  b) Revenue generation: Subscriptions, embedded SMS charges, licence fees and Freemium  c) Stage of deployment- Scale (in Kenya) and Pilot (Tanzania). Ability to pull valuable data from the farmers, have real-time communication capabilities, ability to be used on any language.


URL: http://www.mshamba.net/