LandInfo Mobile App


The LandInfo App allows individuals and organizations to use a smart phone to determine land potential at a point specific location based on local and global knowledge and information about the potential of similar types of land. The LandInfo App currently operates on Google android platform, connected to more sophisticated web tools that can be accessed via personal computers and linked with other decision tools. The App integrates climatic and topographic information from existing databases with targeted field data collection of knowledge and information to predict relative productivity, soil erosion and suitability of crop and forage production for a given soil location. The LandInfo App allows users to enter point-specific information about soil texture, topography and easily observable soil properties, and in turn obtain site-specific soil and climate data including soil types, temperature, rainfall, estimated amount of water in the soil, aridity index, and growing season length. It also predicts the suitability of the soil for certain crops and pasture as well as the vulnerability of such soils to erosion menace. The LandInfo mobile App is an open access App which can be downloaded free of charge from Google play on the android platform.