Jaguza Livestock


Jaguza livestock App aims at helping farmers in detecting the early stages of diseases in animals today, and theft of livestock and domestic or farm reared animals. It is a system used to monitor and diagnose the early stages of diseases in animals using sensor technology and locate the whereabouts of animals using RFID Chips, GIS ,SMS Pincode Web App and GPS mapping algorithms to locate the whereabouts of the animals in a given geographical area. Jaguza’s aim is to establish national wide network for detecting animal diseases and handling the dangerous outbreaks of diseases. The system uses sensor technology to detect the early viral phase of FMD for example which is crucial before the disease becomes more contagious.

Uses leg or neck tags for accurate movement and mobility monitoring. Neck tags also monitor eating time, identifying sick cows sooner. Reports can provide information by individual cow, group or herd. Signal sent to the receiver using a long range antenna/Bluetooth  Disease events database. Under the Disease Events tab, jaguza enables users to easy access and retrieves information on animal disease outbreaks/cases throughout the world according to user search criteria (disease, date, species, location, etc). Data can then be easily exported into two available formats (PDF and Excel) for further analysis.  Mapping. The mapping tools allow to select outbreaks/cases from the database and represent them graphically as charts (by time or by location in the real time) or geographically on a map that can be tailored by adding optional layers, such as livestock population, biophysical layers, socioeconomics, animal health, trade.   Resource Centre/Disease Centre. This section allows to search for technical material such as bulletins, reports, newsletters, manuals, guidelines, etc. , according to different criteria. It allows users to search information related to the current situation, epidemiology, diagnoses and control.


URL: http://www.jakuzaug.com/