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Does ICT really make a difference in Rural Advisory Service?
Is ICT4RAS a real solution or just a buzz?

During the African Agricultural Extension Week 2015 (AAEW2015), we will discuss these questions and ask some experts about their view on this.

AAEW2015 will be a turning point in the history of ICT4RAS in Africa. It will be an opportunity to meet a dozen of Innovators who have developed some apps and ICT solutions for Rural Advisory Service and to exchange with more than 20 specialists and practitioners on topics such as radio programme, participatory video, multimedia training etc …

During the AAEW2015, the ICT4RAS working group will offer practical hands on trainings on the following topics:

  • web 2.0 and social media
  •  audio/radio programme production
  • video production



During the field trip, practice and training will continue (interview, video capture …) to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of ICT tools in real life in rural area.

We invite you to join the ICT4RAS group! Don’t miss any of our activities !