Participatory Media


Participatory Media Approach integrates innovation system strategies video, radio and other ICTs in adapting to the context and to the field. The selection of radio partners is based on rigorous criteria such as limited number of communities of practice and studies for the determination of the themes of the radio programs and video and the strategy of use of ICTs. The organization of actor’s capacity building workshop for the design of Media Programs and Participatory monitoring plan relied on the Self Coached Training (AFC) plan, the realization of participatory Media campaigns (CMP), the dissemination and rebroadcasting of radio transmissions and videos, the realization of rigorous monitoring, assessing qualitative and quantitative impact of programmes on the knowledge, attitude and communities of practice and stakeholders involved in the implementation of the project and the documentation and sharing of good practices. The CMP is based on new knowledge used or to be used.

We have just completed a series of training in Senegal as part of TICmbay project, an initiative to promote the adoption of improved seed varieties carried by several organizations Concern Universal, Practical Action and OP. Our approach helps promote ownership of the value chain from producers by improving productivity, post-harvest management, marketing, nutrition. We help to reduce inequality between men and women, young and adults. Through radio and video, we are helping rural areas to face the challenges of the knowledge, attitude to the adoption of good practices. The specificities of our approaches are: – radio is a stakeholder, not a tool – the approach puts at the centre farmers who are the main facilitators by participating in all stages (research, production, management post-harvest, marketing, consumption and nutrition)-an approach that combines in a perfect way radio and video in a participatory approach